Why Pasture Grass Fed Lambs?

Our animals are 100% free grazing and pasture grass fed. We DO NOT treat or feed our livestock with hormones, animal by-products, antibiotics, steroids or any growth promoting additives. As a result, they grow at a natural pace and live
low stress lives in order to provide you with most nutritious and leanest meats possible. All of our animals are handled humanely from the day they are born.

This fresh grass or hay, fresh air and room to move about and exercise means happier and healthier animals. For our lamb customers, this means healthier meats.

Utah State University researchers have results from their studies that have shown that grass fed meats are higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and higher in conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s). Within this meat, is the energy and goodness of the sun, key mineral elements from the soil and good clean water.

We support the “farm to table” belief and tend to our animals living this philosophy.

Stewards of the Land & its People

Grass Fed Beef, Lamb and Eggs


Circle C Farm is a family owned and operated farm in both Lee and Hendry Counties, located in Southwest Florida. Your source for 100% pasture grass fed healthy, natural and nutritious beef, lamb and eggs close to home.

We raise commercial Black Angus, Registered Brahman and Brangus cattle and Katahdin and Native Florida Cracker sheep which are critically endangered Gulf Coast Native sheep on our farms. We also have a small herd of Miniature Zebu’s (Miniature Brahman). In addition to our Farm Fresh Free Range laying hen farm.

We look forward to providing our community with the safest and healthiest beef, lamb and eggs available in today’s market, for you to happily share with your family and friends.

At Circle C Farm, we take great pride in our mission to create and maintain a healthy farm environment, producing hearty and happy animals. Our sheep, cattle, horses and chickens enjoy a Serengeti pasture rotation regiment.
Our animals are rotated onto fresh paddocks of grass so that the grasses and fields are not overburdened. Our pastures have not been chemically fertilized or treated with pesticides.

Our livestock benefit from our very own local brewery as well! The 100% organic spent grains from Fort Myers Brewery provide a regular tasty treat.
The result of our efforts is a beautiful, healthy farm environment where all the animals are able to flourish naturally.

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